My Kindle Screen Cracked…and Amazon Replaced it for FREE!

Recently we had a very sad day in the Mahoney household.  I reached into my handbag to grab my Kindle and found this:

As you can see, the screen is cracked making the text illegible.  Bad news.

I am not sure exactly how or when this happened, I had been carrying my Kindle around for several days but hadn’t taken it out for a while and I don’t recall anything particularly aggressive happening to my bag while it was in there.  The only thing I can think of is maybe my water bottle landed on it when I dropped it in the bag? Luckily knowing exactly how it broke was a not necessary because Amazon didn’t ask for an explanation.

I did some googling and discovered that other Kindle owners had experienced broken screens and Amazon replaced their Kindles for no charge, no questions asked when the kindle is within its one year warranty.  Still, I was skeptical.

After procrastinating for a few days, not wanting to hear the (potentially) bad news that I would have to purchase a new Kindle (because not having one was not an option, there is no way I could go back to only reading paper books…I LOVE my kindle), I called Amazon Kindle Support.  1-866-321-8851

And the others were right!  After a few quick questions (ex: had I restarted my kindle by holding the power button for 10 seconds?) and verifying my account information and mailing address a new working kindle was headed my way.  It arrived in about two days and I was able to download all of my previously purchased content with out a hitch.

Overall I am incredibly impressed with Amazon’s customer service and response time.  True, I probably could have been more careful with my Kindle, but strangely I never really thought of my Kindle as a fragile device.  I am surprised I had never even considered what would happen if my kindle broke.  It never even occurred to me to wonder what would happen to all the books I had purchased if I no longer could access them.

If you are wondering why a big business like Amazon would replace a broken kindle,  I was too.  I think the answer is twofold.  First, if I, the current kindle user, don’t have a Kindle, I won’t purchase any more books.  And second, Amazon likely wants to avoid any and all bad press around the device, so, in order to propagate future momentum and sales, they want to make sure there are zero unhappy users out there.  Either way, it works for me.  I Love my Kindle even more after loosing it.

And the big take away here is that I finally bought a case (From Amazon, see they are already generating more revenue by sending me a working kindle.)  Two cases actually, one for me and one for Dennis.  I don’t want to find out whether there is a double replacement policy…

p.s. Speaking of that case, have you heard of  Amazon Warehouse Deals?  I purchased my “like new” case “used” from amazon for half the price.  Amazon re-sells returned items which could have been re-packaged or have minor cosmetic flaws on the packaging and sells them as used.  Amazing find, I am going to be using this a lot going forward 🙂


31 thoughts on “My Kindle Screen Cracked…and Amazon Replaced it for FREE!

  1. If that happens again, don’t forget that you can always use the Kindle Cloud reader in a pinch ( I’m too much a hardcover fanatic, so I’m using the Cloud reader to read a book series called “Caged Flower” that was recommended to me (a new Memphis-based author named Cullman Wallace).

    I still prefer the weight of a hardcover in my lap under a single lamp on a cold winter night, but when that’s not possible, that Cloud reader can satisfy some cravings. Give it a try!

  2. i have had two kindles with cracked screen. I had to purchase new units each time. The example listed above must have been with in the yr period. Both of my units fell just outside the yr warranty.

    • That is correct, my kindle incident was within the 1 year period after I purchased it. I am sorry you have had to replace yours twice, that is really annoying! Are you using a case? After mine cracked I got a case, but I miss the slim-ness of the “naked” kindle.

    • Mine was a couple of weeks outsude warranty and the best that Amazon could come up with was a charge of £40 plus I would have to pay the carriage! – I thought this was disgusting as the screen just went it wasn’t dropped or anything and I would expect an electronic device to last more than a year! As paying Amazon 40 pounds and postage and packing is, in my opinion, daylight robbery – I decided I could pick up a brand new Kobo for approximately the same price – Kindle also have a new one out at £69 – why boost their profits with outrageous support charges!

  3. Why do you think they replaced your Kindle??? How about their legal obligation to the contract! In some countries and states there are implicit warranties of usability that Amazon appears to be violating when they stop replacing them after a year.

    Of course you didn’t think it was fragile. Is there _any_ indication on the Amazon’s order page that you must treat it like glass? How long do you think it would last in your back pocket – as illustrated in Amazon’s advertising?

    Look around the net – lots and lots of stories just like yours. It handles fine day after day, then you drop it onto a pillow and it breaks… It’s a (rumored) loss leader, bottom end device to get you enrolled in Kindle formatted books that Amazon won’t stand behind.

  4. Does anyone know if Amazon replaces your kindle even after warranty and if you don’t live in the US anymore? Or am I simply just out of luck?

    • They’ll replace it for you for free. Mine was out of warranty (I had mine for over two years) and it broke while I was living outside of the US. Just contact costumer support, they should be able to help you out.

      • Mine was out of warranty and I was offered $10 off of a replacement, not free replacement. So, your mileage may vary, I guess.

      • They wouldn’t replace for me and my kindle is about 4 months out of warranty. They only offered me $10 off the $69 kindle. My kindle is a 3G keyboard version.

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  6. My kindle fire is still in warrenty and the screen cracked (My son dropped it 😦 ) they would not repair the screen. The only solution they would provide is charging me $100 +shipping and handling and I would receive a new to me kindle fire (most likely a refurbished one). That is half the price of a brand new one. 😦 stinks

    • I would say thats a generous offer from amazon seeing as YOU broke it!
      I suppose you would want a new laptop if your son dropped that and broke the screen!

      People should take responsability for their own actions and stop blaming everyons else.

      • Fuck you Keith – you are the kind of self-determining fascist that is wrong with the planet.
        How about you go back to your maker and see if you can get a new emotional system under warranty.

  7. My wife’s Kindle came back from its European Camping trip looking almost identical to your picture, sadly it was out of warranty, but the nice gentleman she contacted at Amazon offered a good discount on a new K Touch, and accessories. My Kindle Touch also returned from Europe with ‘problems’ and as no remedy could be found over the phone a new one was despatched the same day (mine was in warranty). I have nothing but praise for Amazon’s enquiries/problems department, but Yodel cannot give me any better than ‘between 8am and 6pm’ to collect my broken Kindle. So that is 10 hours I have to be at home for a handing over of a parcel taking 2 minutes at most. There must be a better way?

  8. Thanks so much for posting this! I just got off the phone with Amazon support, who is sending me a brand new Kindle for free after my screen cracked on a weekend trip.

    It’s too bad it looks like the switch to all plastic cases has reduced strength, but the great customer support is certainly appreciated!

  9. Thanks! I literally just had the same problem and amazon replaced it no questions asked free of charge! I had no idea any company even COVERED cracked screens

  10. Judging by the difference responses on this page – it looks to me that Amazon make up their support rules as they go along – depends whether the support rep woke up in a good mood or not!

  11. Just contacted them about a cracked screen, and after just a 5-minute chat, they said they will replace it! They will even send the new Kindle to our temporary home in Hong Kong. I would say “Great service!” Thanks Amazon!

  12. I’ve had my kindle only 3 months! I still have 9 months of warranty and they won’t replace mine for free. What’s gives??????

  13. My kindle fire HD got water damage, 8 months within warranty (water is outside warranty coverage) and the offer I got was a no nonsense $ 135 for a replacement…almost 75 % of new Cost!

  14. I just talked to amazon regarding a crack in my kindle fire hd…they would not replace it. Mine is still under warranty. For a$100 they would send me a replacement.. What a joke! I want to talk to a rep that replaces them… if they are doing this for some, but not all, that is poor customer service. Fair?

  15. I had my Kindle for 2 years before it developed a “virtual” cracked screen (i.e. the top layer is definitely not broken, but it looks like a crack in the next level). Half the screen has lost its e-ink. I definitely did not damage it – it was just sitting in my handbag as usual and developed this overnight. Amazon customer support will only offer me a bit off a new Kindle, and by the time i pay shipping, its not very much off.

  16. Six months into my kindle fire hd screen has hairline fracture and customer support said that it voids the warranty all they can do is offer a refurbished kindle for 89.99. Good thing I have a Samsung galaxy on the way with strong screen. No more kindle or Amazon for me.

  17. They advertise that the Kindle won’t break if it falls. They have a commercial that is just a minute of the devices hitting the ground without damage. Mine hit the ground yesterday and now hasseveral cracks on the screen. I didn’t buy a cover for it because of their durability sans protective cover.

    • I went to best buy and told th he lady I was buying for a 3 year old and told her I needed everything covered in case it breaks. We had just spent $80 on the Nickerson Nabi that broke after about 6 months. So she sold me on the amazon fire kids edition which came with a protective case and the product replacement warranty for an extra $30, for a grand total of $137. After only a week it is already having trouble charging and now my screen is shattered. No sure how. But guess what the product replacement warranty does not cover. I b told the lady it was for a 3 year old he even droppedal it right after we bought it and she said good thing you got the warranty. So now I have a shattered screen and my son can’t use it and they won’t replace it and it won’t charge after only 1 week.

  18. I have just cracked my 4 week old kindle fire 8 hd and I am gutted do you think I will get mine fixed or replaced? Xx

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